According to author Daniel Wesley of the website:, close to 86% of American men and 67% American women, work more than the usual 40 hours a week. Some work double the amount per week if you include taking work home with them or to a hotel while staying over night for a mandatory work conference. The American culture has ingrained in its people that work and what we do for a living, define who we are. To many American bosses, there is certainly no excuse for missing a work day and God forbid you miss more than one day. There are many people breathing the same air as you who have been fired for “missing too much work” and “not having a reasonable excuse” after missing work. Believe it or not, many website creators and entrepreneurs have invested in the idea that millions of Americans are looking for a way to get an unscheduled day or two off work to just unwind or do what they’ve been wanting to do for a while, but just haven’t had time. That is where the business of creating and selling fake doctor’s note templates have come into play.

There are several websites that create and give away fake doctor’s note templates, but you get what you (don’t) pay for. Some websites sell doctors notes for school and for good reason. They offer professional looking design options, actual doctor logos and names and actual phone numbers and addresses. All this is customizable through editing tools. So, why pay for a fake doctor’s note? How can you afford not to! With several excuses for taking off of work, employers are surely not going to accept the truth of why you were on leave. Some would even fire you for opening up and telling them why you had to take off. Of course you weren’t sick, but if you hand your boss that quality drs notes, you are scott-free and clean off-the-hook!

Don’t ever feel guilty of needing time off from your stressful and demanding job. It is a proven fact that if the employee is happy, production will be up and, therefore, the boss will be happy. And it all becomes a circle of life in the corporate world. Also, if you need a free doctor’s noteĀ  template, there are many options too.