There are many who use fake doctor’s notes today and go undetected. However, there are still those who get into trouble for using these documents that should help excuse them from work. Now, you may want to find out why is it that the latter group is caught? Well, obviously, they have been doing something wrong and this post highlights common mistakes that could lead to a fake doctor’s note detected.

For a start, we should be reminded that a doctor’s note is required by a school or a workplace before it can approve a leave or off for a student or worker as the case may be. Sometimes, getting a real note from a doctor doesn’t come easily, and many people would resort to fake doctors notes.

These “fake” notes are printed like real ones issued by real doctors but can be accepted by the authority granted the excuse if they look genuine. Many organizations just need something to hold on to for the records but those using fake doctors notes often make mistakes that would give them up and make their notes unbelievable.

So, here are common mistakes that should be avoided if an individual has resolved to use fake doctor’s excuse notes.

Giving irrelevant illness as excuse – This is often the bane of many users of fake doctor’s note. They tend to use or give illness that is believable as excuse. At end of the day, they might not be able to proof the symptoms. For your excuse to go down well with your employer or teacher, use an illness that relates with your medical history or one that could fit into the timing you were absent.

Not providing appropriate signature – For most documents to be considered authentic, they must have signatures. This also applies to fake doctors excuse notes / templates These are required to be signed by doctors physically. If no or poor signature is appended on the note, the risk of being discovered becomes high.

Inconsistencies and Redundancies in Details – Generally, a doctor’s note is supposed to follow a particular format, and some levels of consistencies are expected from the details. If there are inconsistencies in the format, in the message, and in the quality of the note, then the user of an editable doctors note template stand a big risk to be caught and punished.

There are other mistakes relating to these but from the above mistakes, the user of fake doctors notes would like to be careful and present a believable doctor’s note.