pretending-to-be-sick_o_581315Sometimes in the course of working, people may have to take an unexpected and often necessary day or two off from work. It is a myth that companies care for their employees. This is evident because for most companies, if sick and vacation days are not taken, they expire. Yet if this time is taken off from work, it is often frowned upon.

This makes the necessity of a doctor’s excuse paramount when these sick days are used for other reasons. This is not fair because time off to catch up on sleep will help a person that has been fatigued as of late or due to the ever demanding stress of a world in which work often carries on into an employee’s off hours. Often, salaried employees are not compensated for this intrusion into a person’s personal time. How is taking time off for personal reasons and using my allotted sick time bad, but not being compensated for the loss of time, sleep and money for the company’s sake, good?

Sick Time & Vacation Time

It would take a more powerful force than I to change this type of work environment. Instead, I simply look for printable doctors notes for work. This allows me to use my sick time and vacation time that I would automatically lose if I do not use them. If it were up to my company, they would keep me too busy to use this time, and before I discovered these notes, I would just lose the time. I am rarely sick and I am single so I do not vacation much. The company knows this, and they constantly usurp my personal time for their business. I go above and beyond for this company on a regular basis, and the only time I really get that is truly personal is when I use my sick time to relax. I do not feel guilty, because often I need rest because of the work that was forced on me in my off hours.

Searching Online

When searching online, certain templates and forms are available for free that excuse people from work and school. A template is a sample or an example for successful notes from the dr. These notes are important to take a little of your life back from work. I need them because sometimes my children have problems that do not require a doctor’s visit, but require me to be home with them. There is no remedy for this in the company’s pathos, because I am a number to them. I do not want the extra stress of asking for time for these reasons so I simply use one of my online doctor’s excuses.


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