It is possible you have a full membership with a gymnasium and have signed a part of the contract that says “no cancellation after membership”. Well, if this is your lot, you can still get around it and cancel your membership. This can be done if you provide a doctor’s note reporting you are no longer medically fit to be a member.

One of the reasons why some people may decide to cancel their gym membership is because they are getting billed with excess charges on their credit/ debit cards. The only way to stop this without violating the rules concerning the membership of the gym would be to come up with a medical excuse claiming they have medical challenges that could violate their membership.

If you are toeing this line then you really have to proof that you are truly having medical condition that affects your membership. Having a flu or cold for a day wouldn’t be enough medical excuse to cancel your membership in gym. The medical excuse should be something relating to a surgery.

The use of a fake doctor’s note form can suffice if you can’t get a doctors to issue you this medical excuse. There are websites from where you can pay and download real fake doctor’s notes to cancel gym membership. All you need to is indicate your interest and pay.

You would be automatically directed to a page where you get to customize the note to suit your purpose. In this place, you would be able to choose the surgeon or doctor who is supposed to sign the note for you.

If you are using a fake doctor’s note for gym membership cancellation, ensure that the managers of the gym can verify your claims. In this wise, it becomes important to use the services of companies that provide a real fake doctors note that could be verified.

Conclusively, presenting a fake doctors note could be fraudulent, so consider your decision before making that move. For me, if your membership is would soon expire in the next couple of months, I would advise you allow it run out instead you risking the possibility of facing legal suit for violating a contractual agreement or for presenting a fraudulent doctors note.