Although obtaining a doctors excuse can be done by someone visiting a doctors office, many do not even want to take the time to visit an office for an excuse. There are many ways that people would be able to print out a template or sample of a doctors excuse form that will allow them to be able to excuse them for the day. The doctors note can be used in order to get someone out of a number of days of work or school. This note or excuse will get someone out of work or school without having to get an absence or use a day from work. Even though it is very easy to visit a doctor some people do not wish to take that trip either for the lack of time or laziness. Now that it is easy to get this excuse online for free, many people have in fact resorted to using these notes rather than official documents.

It may seem very convenient to use an oncologist excuse slip but this can get a person in trouble if it is noticed that the note is fake and not original. The note itself may not look fake due to the make up of the note from a real doctors office address, real number and even the doctors signature, but there is one aspect that could get a person caught. If an employer or school staff member were to call the number to double check your note, they would be informed you never visited the institution. This alone could be means of expulsion or termination from your school or workplace. In the end it is not worth the risk although not all member would double check your doctors note but it is better to be safe than risk penalties.

Create your own fake doctor’s note and skip school.